About Us

The Italian Mental Health Association (AISMe), has been established in 1993 in Prato under the auspices of the European Regional Council of World Federation for Mental Health (ERC-WFMH), now Mental Health Europe (MHE), with the agreement of several Italian realities which had participated at the Prato and Florence user self help initiatives since the late 80s. One of the principal aims has been and is today the promotion of user self help in mental health. The members are: mental health professionals, users, relatives, people with some interest in this field and affiliated groups or associations. According to the AISMe philosophy of the WFMH, everybody, professional, user, relative and so on, can take part at every level of the association. AISMe is not the association of a specific group of people with special interests, but is the association of all people involved in mental health. An other important issue is to activate resources ant to consider the users themselves as resources. AISMe has a national board with 6 elected members, representing 6 regions and with an elected president and a director. AISMe is full member association of MHE and runs the election process for the Italian member to the MHE board. The AISMe projects are related mainly to user self help. Some of these projects have not only local but also national and international characteristics; see for example the following projects as: the "Italian Mental Health Week", the " Service User Evaluation", the "Intergroup on self help", the "Intervoice" (for voices hearers), the "Advocacy", the “Interface between psychiatry and mental health”, the “Local Mental Health Systems”, the “Good Practices against Social Exclusion”, and the Focal Point. There are many other local projects for education, for leisure and for care with a very close involvement of the local governments. A self help centre has been established in Prato in collaboration with the City Council to better coordinate many kinds of activities: seminars, conferences, documentation. The collaboration with MHE facilitates communication between Italian and European associations