Formal Establishment of the Italian National Mental Health Platform


Florence 14 November 2016

On the 12th November 2016 at the Circolo ricreativo Casa della Cultura of Florence the Mental Health National Platform has been formally established.

The Platform which was launched some years ago by Mental Health Europe and Italian Association for MentalHealth (AISMe), has been subscribed by the following national and regional associations: National Association for Mental Health Communty Living (Associazione Nazionale Residenze per la Salute Mentale –AIRSAM-, AISMe,  Tuscany Network of Mental Health Associations (Coordinamento Regionale Toscano delle Associazioni di Salute Mentale) and National Network of Mental Health associations (Unione Nazionale Associazione per La Salute Mentale    -UNASAM-).   

The main aims of the Platform are: 1) to develop a society where mental health and wellbeing   are highligthed in the agenda of all policies  both at local and national level 2) to strenghten  the independent voice of users and relatives associations   3) to set up initiatives in order to faciltate the active participation  of the above mentioned user and relative associations  through close collaboration with mental health services, statutroy and not statutory organizations.

President for the Platform is Donatella Miccinesi, Vicepresident  Maria Grazia Bertelloni.